Services Provided For


1.Turnaround and Restructuring service - Offers effective support to Corporates that are financially stressed, or with underperforming verticals. FG, working closely helps in value addition of financial and operational performance by developing and implementing effective dashboards, models for Business Plans, rolling cash flows, cost controls, process and policies review and optimization, Contracts review and negotiation.

2.Due Diligence, Project feasibility, and Analysis - Our core team assists project investors in Due Diligence and detailed feasibility study and review, including though not limited to risks and rewards related to geo-political, commercial, financial, legal, to maximize the business potential.

3.Project Management - Monitoring and Control of complex offshore, and marine projects worldwide with our highly experienced team of Project Directors, to encompass all aspects of the Project – engineering, procurement construction schedule, costing, , legal, installation, commissioning, risk assessment and mitigation, Safety, health, environment, quality. We take ownership of.

4.Valuation Services - In association with our Chartered and Forensic auditor associates determine the fair and distressed value of company for strategic investment and divestment decisions.

5.Alternate Dispute Resolutions - Contract reviews, case management and Arbitration services in collaboration our associate, who is a Chartered Arbitrator.